Why is Conversation Intelligence the next thing for Sales Leaders?

While it is clear that customer conversations are a critical part of the sales cycle something still needs to be done with all the data generated!

Tarig Bouazzati
There is not enough time in a day for a sales leader with current state of processes
Don't you lack visibility of your team's conversational skills ?

As a Sales Leader, do you often feel like :

  • It is time consuming to listen to your agent’s calls?

  • It is ineffectual to listen to calls at random?

  • You lack of visibility of your agent’s performance and coaching needs?

  • The identification and the transmission of your best practice is suboptimal?

Well, you are not alone! We have interviewed dozens of Sales Leader who all answered yes to these questions.

Every time a sales agent speaks to a customer it creates data. Nowadays, organisations are either unaware of the opportunities lost in this data or unsuccessful when they try to engage with what it actually means.

So, how do you make use of all this untapped intelligence?

What is Conversation Intelligence ?

Conversation Intelligence is the insight generated by the analysis of an organisation’s ability to communicate in ways that create a shared concept of reality with their customers. We all know that conversations provide the tools for talking about what we think and feel, and if it is healthy and robust we will come to see how others view the world and learn to partner successfully with them.

Understanding, and reproducing effective conversations can yield improved business results and create a framework for enhancing relationships and partnerships, releasing new energy for growth and transformation.

“It is your organisation's ability to create a common reality with your customers through communication”

Hence, sales executives are constantly looking for ways to improve their team’s conversational skills.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way they do it.


How can an AI powered sales assistant help ?

Imagine providing each of your sales agents with an assistant that can handle the transcription of each call, extract intelligence from it, and instantly give you a report. A virtual sales assistant effortlessly combs through millions of customer conversations to provide you with the pertinent intelligence to optimise your sales process.

AMDA pi, the assistant we've developed, delivers powerful insights from customer call-recordings, going way beyond automatically transcribing the conversation in 14 different languages it also analyses advanced measures about communication such as :


Questions detection

Document the questions asked through the sales cycle.

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Emotion Analysis

Find out the customers satisfaction at each stage of the process.

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Keywords detection

Read through the conversation with the main keywords.

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Topics recognition

Quickly find out what has been discussed and how it felt.

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What does it mean for Sales Leaders ?

The integration of a Deep Learning powered virtual assistant enables Sales Leaders to build strong teams, foster genuine relationships with customers, take actions based on insights, and ultimately close deals faster.

  • More call reviews, faster

    In fact, recent studies indicate that on average, top managers spend 12 hours or more on call reviews. It also demonstrates that a 3x increase in call reviews, boosts meeting quota attainment by 50%.
    Our technology will potentially allow you to increase your call reviews by 9x.

  • More time to coach your teams

    It is also found that on average Sales Leaders only spend 29% of their time coaching their agents on skills such as storytelling, objection handling, and discovery.
    AMDA pi provides you with insights about the coaching needs of your team, allowing you to develop targeted and tailored trainings which empower sales agents to nurture long term positive customer interactions.

  • Fast track the onboarding with a best practice library

    Additionally, enhancing sales training strategies allows sales leaders to leverage the learnings from conversation intelligence to build their own library of top performing practices by understanding unique sellers behaviours. Hence offering newly onboarded agents the opportunity to quickly realise their full potential.

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With conversation intelligence, Sales Leaders have the power to find common patterns and extract meaningful insights, in order to bring in new sales motion strategies that proactively address competitive threats and benefit from upsetting opportunities to make every sales team lithe.

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